Key programs that the Initiative will support

The Oaxaca Fund Initiative will support three programs in the areas of community development, education, and nutrition and health, directly managed by the Fundación Comunitaria Oaxaca.  Through these programs FCO’s team of staff and consultants work directly with rural indigenous communities to provide financial support, entrepreneurship training, ongoing technical assistance and mentoring services to form local leaders, and foster productive and healthy communities.  The diversity of these initiatives is tied together with a common thread: FCO’s firm commitment to generating fair practices and relationships between people and nature.  For this reason the projects that FCO undertakes promote the conservation of the natural environment.  To date, FCO’s programs have improved the standard of living for nearly 30,000 Oaxacan citizens focusing on five regions: Papaloapan, Sierra Norte, Valles Centrales, Sierra Sur and Costa (scroll over map to identify locations).     

San Juan Lalana
San Juan Bautista Valle Nacional
San Miguel Soyaltepec
Santiago Jocotepec
San Pedro Ixcatlán
San Felipe Jalapa de Díaz
San Lucas Ojitlán
San José Chiltepec
San Felipe Usila
Sierra Norte
Santo Domingo Tepuxtepec
Santa María Tlahuitoltepec
Nuevo Zoquiapan
San Juan Tabaa
San Andrés Solaga
Santo Domingo Xagacía
San Isidro Reforma
San Miguel Cajonos
San Pedro Cajonos
Tanetze de Zaragoza
Santiago Laxopa
Santiago Lalopa
Santa Catarina Lachatao
San Juan Juquila Vijanos
Valles Cenrales
Teotitlán del Valle
San José del Progreso
San Juan Chilateca
Sierra Sur
Villa Sola de Vega
San Agustín Chayuco
Santiago Ixtayutla
Santiago Jamiltepec
Santa Catarina Mechoacan
San Lorenzo
San Andrés Huaxpaltepec
Villa de Tututepec de Melchor Ocampo
Pinotepa de Don Luis
San Juan Colorado
Santa María Huatulco
San Miguel del Puerto
San Pedro Pochutla
Santiago Xanica
San Bartolomé Loxicha
San Pedro y Alto